Objective protector what did i do wrong?

Some info:

This is my attempt to prototype more ideas and get some more game making experience under my belt.

I'll make a game in 3 hours and then publish it. the games are gonna work but they might be lacking end screens, like this one does.


So what did i do wrong? well i did not put enough time into polishing at all.

There is no victory condition.
There is no defeat screen.
The attacks are not visible only audible.
no highlight of which protector you are currently in control of.
the spawning is insane and way too fast

That's quite a lot of stuff. and yet theres more. i don't have any models for attackers or the protectors. i should probably have gone with a 2d aestethic instead of a 3d one because then it would look better.

What did this project teach me?

DO POLISHING A LOT EARLIER! once you get the base game up. start polishing and then if you have time. make more awesome stuff.
that this idea could be quite interesting once you  put more time into constructing levels and the level spawning. will most likely work on this again.


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Jun 12, 2017

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